In celebration of the St. Nino Ati-atihan Festival 2017 and in cooperation of KASAFI Foundation Inc. The Short Film Festival is established in addition to contemporary developments in terms of the local Culture and the Arts. To open a creative platform and promising opportunity to amateur filmmakers and video enthusiasts throughout the coastal & vibrant province of Aklan. It seeks to harness and promote prolific advancements towards Ina’Akeanon Visual Storytelling.
The SAROK SHORT FILM FESTIVAL is open to all talented akeanons to visually represent our heritage, language and the Arts. We aim to re-awaken and establish a better and prolifically promote tourism of the St. Nino Ati-atihan Festival through a series of regional short films.


• The Film Festival is open to all students, videographers and amateur film enthusiasts or to any resident of aklan who wish to qualify or participate.
• All Qualifying Teams (director, scriptwriter, videographer, and video editor) must be at least 15 years old and must have his/her parent guardian sign the form of consent in order to join such competition.
• All Entrants must register on or before November 4, 2016. Requirements: (a) Project Proposal; Synopsis, List of proposed team (indicate the names of each team member as well as their respective roles in the production and a brief introduction background of the Team); shouldn’t exceed 100 words. (b) A duly accomplished “Entry Form” note: The Entry Form can be downloaded from the “Sarok Short Film Festival” facebook page or can be obtained at the KASAFI Foundation Office, 2nd Floor Captain Gil Menez Mijares Bldg. Corner XIX Martyrs & Rizal Streets Kalibo, Aklan 5600
• All Qualifying Teams must join activities related to the Film Festival such as but not limited to Orientation, Workshops, Promotional Tours, etc.
• Upon signing the entry form it is understood that the entrants agree to abide by the rules of the competition and film guidelines or by the decision of the panel of judges.
• If a team must withdraw from the competition, it has to be expressed in writing not later than December 2, 2016.
• SSFF reserves the right to disqualify any team who fails to comply by the competition rules and film guidelines.
• SSFF may amend rules of the competition at any time with proper information-dissemination to all qualifying teams.
• The SSFF in cooperation with KASAFI has the full right to the qualifying short films for distribution purposes.
• The final copy of the film entry must be submitted no later than January 30, 2017 & no later than 5:00pm at the KASAFI Foundation Inc. Office.
Short Film Guidelines
• The film must at least be eight minutes long but not longer than fifteen minutes in duration,
including opening and closing credits.
• ANY type of video camera or DSLR cameras capable of filming may be used. Animation and
computer generated graphics are also permitted.
• All Qualifying Teams are highly encourage to immediately seek for advice from the organizing
committee in times of conflict within the production period to ensure films completion.
• All creative endeavors including but not limited to: scriptwriting, directing, shooting, editing and
musical scoring should be done by the team members. If creative endeavors of the film are done
by somebody not part of the registered team member, the film is disqualified to join the
competition but their films will still be included in the Premiere Screening Night.
• All footage must be shot. Existing footage including but limited to TV commercial and music
videos may be used only as a prop or a set piece in a scene.
• The film must not be viewed publicly or uploaded online before/after competition.
• The dialogues in the film should be in Native Tongue; Akeanon and subtitling in English is highly
• Usage of pre-recorded music is allowed but these should be properly acknowledged in the
credit of the film.
• The final copy of the film must be submitted in a USB Flash Drive containing the final soft-copy
of the short film, a DVD disc and must be able to play using a standard film/video programs such
as Windows Media Player and VLC Player.
• The DVD disc and USB Flash Drive upon submission should bear the Title of the film and the
name of the Qualifying Team in a brown envelope.
• The film must be shot at the endorsed locations by the SSFF and should be clearly contentrelated
to St. Nino Ati-atihan Festival, such as cultural, tourism, stories of an Ati-atihan tribe
members or a St. Nino Devotee, with regards to relationships and conflicts, struggles, lifestyles,
folklores, local stories etc.
There will be an Orientation and Basic Film Workshops for all Qualifying Participants.
Prizes are at stake and winning a “Gintong Sarok” Trophy awaits!


o Best in Editing
o Best in Cinematography
o Best in Production Design
o Best in Musical Score
o Best Actor; in a short film
o Best Actress; in a short film
o “Audience Choice”
o Best Short Film


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