This Foundation was formed in partnership with the Municipality of Kalibo and the Diocese of Kalibo.

KASAFI’s beginning was made possible when the Municipality of Kalibo headed by Hon. William S. Lachica gave the authority to the said foundation to manage the operation of the festival through an Executive Order, in response to the clamor for a more transparent and efficient administration. Trusting in the integrity of the private sector – businessmen, educators, bankers, professionals and other individuals that comprise the foundation, the Mayor entrusted the management of the festival to KASAFI.

KASAFI selects members of the executive committee and the working committees, solicits funds, markets and promotes the festival, and submits a financial statement to theSangguniang Bayan. All events during the month of January get permits and approval from KASAFI.

The LGUs provide financial assistance, support services like the police, health and sanitation requirements. National government agencies like the Department of Tourism and the Department of Trade and Industry help regulate activities under their supervision. Whatever resources one partner needs, the other partner provides.

This festival intends to showcase the culture and traditions of Aklanand each will conform on the theme agreed upon towards that goal. Performances are made to conform with the theme as well. The celebration will always present the story of local practices and culture.

There will be efforts to raise funds to meet the expenses that will be incurred for the celebration. All efforts will be coordinated to make the celebration a success.

Whatever money is left after the festival is used as seed money for the next celebration. But the operation of KASAFI is not limited to the January event alone. It has to become an all year round operation considering participation in national events to promote our Sto. Niño Ati-Atihan Festival. With this, Kalibo and our province will gain focus and mileage. New businesses will develop in our town, investors will consider branching out in Kalibo. This can be another effective tool to promote our town.

The Foundation envisions that the KaliboSto. Niño Ati-Atihan Festival will develop and maintain as a premier destination of the country and the success of the celebration will depend so much in all sectors, private and public, working hand in hand to honor the Holy Child Jesus.